Credits – Acknowledgements

All puzzles (except Puzzle 1.1) were designed by me (Vivien Ripoll). I also created the puzzle hunt structure, the website, and the “story”. All work was made voluntarily, in my free time, in June and July 2020. I see it as a way to give back to the FPSAC community which I have enjoyed for many years, and it’s also the perfect occasion to hone my puzzle design skills with a nice forgiving crowd ;).

If you liked the puzzles and want to show your appreciation, you can:

  • fill the feedback form for Chapter 1, or send me an email with comments or feedback about the puzzles.
  • talk about my work to friends, colleagues, conference organizers…
  • like/follow/share my Facebook page Solving Fun (I’m currently based in Mexico, so for now most puzzles I post there are in Spanish, occasionally in French, and sometimes in English).
  • make a donation to support my puzzle design endeavour (via Paypal, or email me if you prefer another method).

The organizing committee of FPSAC 2020 online has taken up the huge challenge of running a FPSAC conference in a completely new format during these unprecedented times (I cannot even imagine the amount of work and responsibility it must have been). On top of that, they have been extremely open and enthusiastic when I proposed this puzzle hunt to them as a social event. I’d like to warmly thank all of the members of the committee for trusting me with creating and organizing this atypical event.

I’d like to thank Chen Wang for generously offering a puzzle of his creation (Puzzle 1.1).

Several friends and colleagues answered my call for playtesting my puzzles on a very tight schedule. Thanks to them, all the puzzles have been greatly improved: “Gaelle D.T. Clown”, Henri Mühle, Josef Tkadlec, Yvonne, Louise, Chen, Kristóf, Georg, Simon, Tomack.

I’d also like to thank more specifically:

  • “Gaelle D.T. Clown” for helping with the hints during both Welcome Receptions, for playtesting everything at a superhuman speed, and for the idea for the name of the puzzle hunt;
  • Yvonne for English proofreading of all the puzzles and of the website;
  • Henri Mühle for LaTeX and TikZ support in Puzzle 2.5;
  • Yvonne, Henri Mühle and Tomack for checking / improving / inventing clues for the crossword puzzle (Puzzle 2.1); and
  • Luzma for early playtesting, advice, and support in many ways.
Credits for images, tools and softwares

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