Hints for Chapter 2

Self-revealing hints are available below. I recommend looking at them one at a time, and only in case of frustration. Do not spoil the satisfaction of having the “aha-moment”! Before looking at the hints, check out Tips for Solving.

You may prefer to request a personalized hint by email. In that case, please mention which puzzle you are working on, and what you have tried so far. If you’d like only a small nudge, you may try to ask only a few yes/no questions.

Puzzle 2.0 (Access Password)
Hint 1 (click to display)

Rainbow order.

Hint 2 (click to display)

The “tableau” has the same shape as the title of the puzzle hunt.

Puzzle 2.1: Going Places
Hint 1 (click to display)

You will need to consult a specific section of the GSCC 2021 website to solve this puzzle.

Hint 2 (click to display)

The numbers on the sides and the locations in the map refer to the history and geography of the GSCC’s.

Hint 3 (click to display)

Draw lines and look at where they intersect.

Puzzle 2.2: Observing Enigmatic Iconic Sequences
Hint 1 (click to display)

The presenter strived to give the precise number of terms needed for each sequence. But he has been a bit sloppy.

Hint 2 (click to display)

Every sequence given is almost a famous sequence. The names of these sequences can be filled in Section 2.

Hint 3 (click to display)

The values of the missing terms are not important. Compare the length of each given sequence with the length of its name to understand what to do.

Puzzle 2.3: An Artistic Poster
Hint 1 (click to display)

If you’ve never seen this correspondence before, study the examples first.

Hint 2 (click to display)

The table of numbers (called a plane partition) is a bird’s eye view of stacks of cubes, each number corresponding to the height of each stack. The lozenge tiling gives a different perspective on this same collection of cubes.

Hint 3 (click to display)

After drawing the corresponding tiling of the big hexagon, extract the letters in order and fill the line below to discover what to do.

Puzzle 2.4 (Metapuzzle): Family Ties

Independent hints: choose the one(s) you need!

Hint 1 (what to know before you start)

This is a metapuzzle. You will need the three previous answers to solve it.

Hint 2 (about the yellow frames with numbers)

How much is 1/13? What can 1/13 represent?

Hint 3 (about the white frames)

Try googling the titles. You should be able to fill in the dashes below each title, and to understand the relations between all different titles. The puzzle title is also a clue!

Hint 4 (about the black dots)

Draw straight lines between the dots that are in “relation”. The puzzle title is a clue. You should draw 9 lines in total.

Hint 5 (a useful resource)

There is a website about math “genealogy”.

Hint 6 (how to find the final answer)

Read the letters that are not crossed out by the lines.

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