Puzzle design, graphic design and story: Vivien Ripoll / Solving Fun (except for the pre-puzzlehunt in, created in collaboration with Cyril Banderier)

Playtesting and proofreading: Gwendal and Cyril for this puzzle hunt; and additionally for earlier versions of some of the puzzles: Yvonne, Henri, Tomack, Josef, Louise, Chen.

If you liked the puzzles and want so support my endeavour into puzzle design, you can make a donation: here’s a link for a Paypal transfer, or if you have an account in EUR, you may prefer a bank transfer (with IBAN = FR26 2004 1010 0815 2805 3S02 987 and BIC = PSSTFRPPMAR). You can also follow/like my Facebook page, and talk about my work to conference organizers 😉

Also, I’d be happy to receive some feedback about the puzzles in this quick survey.

If you want to see more of my puzzles, you can scroll down in Solving Fun’s Facebook page. I’m currently based in Mexico, so most of the puzzles are in Spanish (and occasionally in French!), but I’ve made a few puzzles in English, including: a Halloween puzzle with “zoombies”, a puzzle about physical distancing in the supermarket, an Easter puzzle, an ambiguous math puzzle.

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